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  • Does Easy Bar have a private space to reserve?
    We do have a private back room available for parties. The back room has its own fully stocked and staffed bar.
  • How long can I reserve the space for?
    Our private parties are typically 3-hour functions on Friday & Saturday from 7-10pm or 7:30-10:30pm, but we may be flexible depending on the event details and time of year.
  • Is there a fee or a minimum to reserve the back room for a private party?
    Yes, for private parties that choose a drink package, we require a 30-person minimum guarantee for a reservation and all guests are required to purchase the drink package in order to enter the private space. For private parties that choose a cash bar (pay as you go) we require a $750 minimum spend amount and as well as a 30-person minimum guarantee to reserve the private space. We typically do not charge an additional fee to reserve the space.
  • Can I just reserve a couple tables in a non-private setting?
    Yes! We are happy to reserve seating during regular bar service. Please contact us to make a reservation.
  • Is there a fee or minimum to reserve seating?
    There is no fee and no minimum spend amount to reserve non-private seating at Easy Bar.
  • Do you offer drink packages?
    Yes, we have two drink package options of $50 or $60 per person and are valid for three hours of open bar. Our packages do not include shots. We prefer that parties choose one package to offer their guests.
  • Can I choose a cash bar for my party?
    Yes, we can offer a "pay as you go" (cash bar) for your event in which all guests purchase their own individual drinks or all drinks can be put on a group tab to be paid at the conclusion of the party. Parties must spend a total of at least $750 during the party timeframe.
  • Can I cover the cost of drinks for my guests up to a certain amount?
    Yes, the host is welcome to cover the entirety or just a portion of the cost of drinks for their guests up to any amount. Hosts are also welcome to purchase all drink packages for guests if they choose one of the drink package options.
  • Are we required to leave when our reservation is over?
    Never! We will open the space to the public after the event, but at no point are you and your guests required to leave.
  • Do you serve food?
    We do not have a kitchen and do not serve food, but you are welcome to bring in or have any food delivered to the bar during your reservation.
  • Can I provide my own catering?
    Parties are welcome to bring in or have any food delivered to the bar during the party. Please be sure to bring all necessary plates, utensils, napkins, etc.
  • Can I provide my own decorations?
    Yes! Please no confetti or glitter of any kind. Please no decorations that require holes in our walls or ceiling.
  • Can I hire my own DJ?
    Unfortunately, no. While completely private for parties, the back room shares the same sound as the front room, so all music will be set by the staff. Additionally, we have weekend DJs that spin from 10pm-close for the entire bar.
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